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Meet Leah

Before I added lash extensions to my practice I struggled to find consistency in the income I needed and the continual repeat customers. After the lash industry took off and I offered lash extensions my business took off. I have never known such a loyal, consistent client then lash clients. They re-book ahead of time and rarely miss their appointments. They are addicting and once they are addicted they make their lashes a priority. I went from being booked solid ahead only 2 weeks out to being booked solid 2 months ahead. And It has remained that consistent for the last 10 years. Not to mention the added profits of offering lash cleansers and after care products for your customers to purchase.

I am passionate about giving back to the beauty industry. I have over a decade of experience and have overcome and learned lots of troubleshooting techniques that are sometimes unexpected. I hope to pass along this knowledge and help others accomplish their business goals.  Creating a commendatory of professionals supporting and encouraging each other in their careers. I also aim to provide a local place for beauty professionals to pick up their lash supplies.

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Leah was an amazing instructor! She answers each question with confidence and has so much knowledge about lashes and the industry! I can say proudly I’m leaving this class feeling confident.
— Kendra Rupert, Klamath Falls OR