Volume Lash Class 11/17/18 to 11/18/18

Volume Lash Class 11/17/18 to 11/18/18


Advanced: Volume

For classic certified lash artists wanting to advance their career

  • Ultra thin extensions created into a fan of 2-12 lashes, applied to one individual natural lash

  • Gives a lighter and fuller look while still adding length and curl

  • Advanced skill: up to 12x more lashes per eye than classic

Take your career to the next level.

The Bella Lash Volume Training Course is for experienced certified lash stylists who want to take the next step in their career – perfecting their current skills and learning new techniques that will grow their business. Each Bella Lash Master Educator is certified to fully equip each student with the knowledge and products to further their career. Class sizes are kept smaller to encourage a more intimate setting, which allows each student one-on-one time with their educator.

In the Bella Lash Volume Training Course, students cover all aspects of becoming a successful volume lash artist including:

  • Classic vs. volume

  • Client candidacy

  • Eyelash anatomy

  • Safety and risks

  • Health and anatomy

  • Tools of the trade

  • Lash mapping

  • Methods of volume lashing

  • Creating the perfect fan (five methods)

  • Lash weight conversion chart

  • Placing the fan

  • Application process

  • Fill procedure

  • Aftercare

  • Business success plan

  • Expand your skills

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